Rowan Kunz

Did you know Rowan’s videos have 1,000,000+ views on YouTube?

Rowan is a dynamic educator, award-winning serial entrepreneur and his determination to inspire students to excel in studies and beyond is his number one passion.  

As a highly acclaimed thought leader, we’re proud to deliver two sessions with Rowan at the helm. His innovative concepts will give you the tools to explore your Leadership Strengths. While Future of Work looks at the careers of tomorrow and entrepreneurial skills top-of-the-list for future job markets.

Rowan’s masterclasses will:

  • help you to transition from student life to career
  • draw out and identify leadership strengths you already have – yes, you do have them!
  • identify your areas of development and how to improve your leadership skills


Sean Luther Hall

Sean’s love of drama and talent for acting was officially validated when he graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). In developing a strong interest in mentoring and training, the scene was set for Sean to become a Course Manager and take on teaching at various institutions including UTS Insearch.

Best known for his work on screen and stage, Sean has a long list of credits. But he’s also building a great reputation for his biggest role to date – sharing his knowledge and experience to help his audience; you. 

With his acting ability and entertaining quality, Sean’s Inspirational Leadership Presentation Skills is set to be a winner.

The session will get you up and moving and covers:

  • communication skills
  • overcoming the fear of presenting and public speaking
  • easy ways to build your personal presence

Sean’s masterclass is destined to deliver a standing ovation!

Sharon Williams

As if being CEO of a busy marketing and PR agency wasn’t enough, Sharon is also a well-respected thought leader, entrepreneur, media commentator, public speaker and now Leadership Program facilitator!

With unrivalled energy and confidence, Sharon will help you to create and build your personal profile so you can get a step ahead of your competition – in your studies and future career. Your dress code, body language, the way you speak and your social media presence all play a big part in defining your Personal Brand. These can be shaped and refined over time to give you the competitive edge.

Let Sharon steer you to be the captain of your personal brand. 

The Frank Team - Amie Morris

With over 80,000 people trained and happy, the Frank Team is one of Australia’s leading training organisations. Workshops are designed for young people looking for a head start in transitioning from education to career; a great way for you to get ahead!   

In the session Network Mastery, Amie Morris from the Frank Team will arm you with practical tips to help you start building your job connections.  By the time you graduate, you could have a healthy set of potential job contacts. 

You’ll discover:

  • the benefits of networking
  • how to create a network online and offline
  • how to tap into the power of your current network

Once you learn the art of networking, you can drive your own success and be the CEO of your own career and life!

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The Frank Team - Aaron Ngan

As a UTS Alumnus and Ambassador, and now CEO of Junior Achievement Australia, Aaron Ngan is also an active entrepreneur who inspires and leads young people to succeed in employment and entrepreneurship. With business degree credentials, several certificates in leadership and training and post-graduate studies underway, Aaron is well-qualified to present the LinkedIn Masterclass

Not sure what LinkedIn is? With more than 562 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is the world’s number one professional networking tool and your passport to an international career.

Already on LinkedIn? Perfect! You’ll learn how to fine tune your details with a makeover.  LinkedIn is a work in progress - as you develop skills and grow your achievements throughout your career, you will continue to build a powerful profile and make a name for yourself in your network.  

In this session you’ll:

  • learn the benefits of LinkedIn
  • understand why LinkedIn is important for your career
  • create or update your LinkedIn profile

Take the first step in mapping your career journey with the help of our LinkedIn master. 

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Esita Sogotubu

As a former international student who now manages career programs and leads the employability team at UTS, Esita Sogotubu will share how she found success through trial and error.

Arriving in Australia in the 1990s, Esita quickly learned to embrace technology, accept change and have an open mind to learning. Esita’s enthusiasm and energy is echoed in her presentation Workplace Culture. She’ll dissect the cultural differences from the way we speak and body language to equal opportunity in one workplace and hierarchy in another. Once you understand the differences, you can apply the best approach as you weave from one culture to the next throughout your career journey.  

Whether you’re new to Australia, or are interested in a global career, Esita has your bases covered.

Please note: Presenters are subject to change.