Course fees for our English and academic programs


UTS Insearch English Programs

  • General English
  • Academic English (AE)
  • IELTS Preparation

A$525 per week

A$540 per week

UTS Foundation Studies

  • Standard (2 Semesters)



UTS Foundation Studies

  • Extended (3 Semesters)



UTS Insearch Diploma

  • Standard (3 Semesters) 
  • Accelerated (2 Semesters)



UTS Insearch Diploma

  • ​Extended (4 Semesters)




The above fees are based on no subject failures. Any subject that needs to be undertaken a second time will require payment of the relevant subject fee. Insearch Limited reserves the right to vary fees at any time. Students will pay the fee that is current for the calendar year of study.

Package discount
A UTS Insearch Academic package is comprised of a UTS Foundation Studies program and a UTS Insearch diploma course but can also include a preliminary English course. Students undertaking a UTS Insearch academic package will receive a 5% discount off the total English tuition fees and will also receive a 5% discount off their Diploma course fees when packaged with a UTS Foundation Studies program. To qualify, students must apply for the UTS Insearch academic package program including English where necessary, and pay for all English and the first semester tuition fee of the UTS Foundation Studies program prior to the commencement of the English language course and/or the UTS Foundation Studies program.

International student processing fee
The international student processing fee of A$250 is payable once, when an international student accepts their UTS Insearch offer and is non-refundable.